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Dental Implant Cost

Understanding The Cost Of Dental Implants

Lifetime Quality

If you’re looking for that level of quality – lifetime quality – from the significant investment you’re making in new teeth, you need experienced, highly trained professionals to get it right. That’s exactly what you can count on at SA Family Dental Center.

Dental implants so natural looking, no one will ever know you ever lost a tooth! They provide a lifetime solution for the problem of missing teeth.

Affordable Than You Think

Just a few years ago, the cost of a full dental restoration with implants could easily have exceeded $100,000 and involved multiple trips to many different specialists. At our all-in-one centers, permanent implant procedures are done by a resident team of experts for a fraction of that price. Total costs vary depending on the level of treatment needed by each patient – such as the location of missing teeth and amount of bone loss. All-inclusive costs for single implant cases in our centers typically range between $4,000 – $8,000, with one-day procedures to restore full arches averaging $20,000 – $26,000 per arch.

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Receiving A Fixed Cost

One of the biggest myths about dental implants is that they are expensive. But expensive compared to what? Putting a price on your health is a difficult concept, but advances in technology in recent years have essentially chopped the cost of dental implants in half. We’re proud to be a part of these advancements because it enables us to offer you a healthier smile for less. What’s more is that we offer your full procedure at one fixed cost that will not change. Would you purchase a car without knowing the full amount upfront? Why should your smile be any different?

The Cost of Not Acting

Your oral condition has serious implications on your overall health. With advances in technology, there has never been a better time to get dental implants. It’s a natural inclination to wonder about the cost of dental implants. But have you considered the cost of not acting? The longer you wait to treat your missing or failing teeth, the worse they become. And the more you wait, the more it will potentially cost to restore your smile and your oral health.

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